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Hunan Guitaitai Camellia Oil Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Sep.2008 with a registered capital of 85.86 million RMB and total assets of 900 million RMB. After ten years of forge ahead, it has developed into a leading Chinese camellia oil enterprise. On Nov. 27, 2015, Guitaitai listed on the “New Third Board” innovation layer and became the first share of China ’s camellia oil (stock code: 834352).
Guitaitai Group has six wholly-owned subsidiaries including Suining Lukang Camellia Oil Technology Co., Ltd., Liuyang Lujian Camellia Planting Technology Co., Ltd., and Hunan Guitaitai Camellia Oil E-commerce Co., Ltd..
Through the industrialized business model of "company + base + cooperative + farmer",Guitaitai has built a 285,000 acres of high-quality branded camellia base in the western part of Hunan province. It has four production bases in Suining, Liuyang, Changsha, and Changde. The annual production and processing capacity of camellia oil exceeds 30,000 tons, the annual processing capacity of other oils reaches 200,000 tons, and the edible oil reserve capacity reaches 50,000 tons. The four major international oil companies ABCD and domestic oil giants have long-term cooperation, and get the global special oil strategic cooperation. Camellia oil processing capacity and technological level are in leading position in China. We also have the professional and large-scale production of tea seed meal, tea saponin and other derivatives, to further optimize the camellia oil industry chain.
Guitaitai plant covers an area of ​​over 200 acres, with high-standard production workshops and three-dimensional intelligent storage over 40,000 square meters. It has 6 domestic advanced edible oil processing production lines, and has low-temperature cold pressing, six de-refining, deep processing extraction and automatic filling and other professional equipment, equipped with professional oil inspection equipment, is the first Chinese camellia oil industry to achieve intelligent machine manufacturing and achieve full automation of the camellia oil processing 4.0 company.
Guitaitai strictly implements the modern enterprise management system, and has passed the international certification of organic products, ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO22000 and other quality management system certifications, realizing the quality traceability of the product from base to processing to sales. Currently has more than 20 patented technologies.
"Guitaitai" always insists on excellent quality, strives to build the first brand of Chinese camellia oil, and constantly improves the market layout. Through cooperation and win-win, we are moving towards ten billion camellia oil companies and century-old camellia oil companies!

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