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Walnut oil
Walnut oil is cold pressed from walnut meat, which is the most high quality edible oil . It is rich in various fatty acids and VA,VE needed by human beings. Walnut oil is widely used a carrier oil as it riches in horned sharks with excellent affinity to the skin. It can also be used for hair care to make it smoother.
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Green Tea Seed Oil
Green Tea Seed Oil also called Camellia Sinensis Oil, is cold pressed from green tea plants. It contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acid ,and various natural vitamnins ,such as vitamnin E,K and A. As a kind of high quality edible vegetable oils ,it is natural without any chemical in the extraction process. And as a kind of cosmetic oil, it is well-known for skin care and hair care. The oil is easily absorbed by skin to keep it hydrated as well as condition and strengthen hair.
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Safflower Seed Oil
Safflower seed oil is cold pressed from safflower seeds. It is the most valuable oils as it has more than 85% linoleic acid. Safflower seed oil is a high quality edible oil as it contributes the omega-6 fatty acids that create prostglandin . It also widely used to be cosmetic oil for skin or hair care as it is rich in oleic acid ,which is easily absorbed.
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